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Dear You,

Are you feeling a bit stressed lately? In need of some relaxation? Well, I’m going to tell you about the 5 benefits of self-care. I’m sure you’ve heard of it before, if not, I’ll tell you what it is. Self-care is a time when you devote attention to yourself, you spend time on yourself. What that may look like is, pampering yourself, reading, journaling, meditation, watching your favorite TV show(s), listening to music, cooking, going for a walk, yoga, etc.

There are a plethora of beneficial ways you can practice self-care which can ease the stress of the…

Let’s Talk About Social Skills

Woman on the phone by Charles Deluvio

First, let’s discuss what being socially awkward isn’t.

It isn’t Social Anxiety Disorder or SAD. Social Anxiety Disorder is “a medical condition that can cause severe impairment. It is an intense, recurrent state of emotional stress in social situations’’ (King University). Although social awkwardness can feel stressful, it most likely won’t result in things like excessive sweating and difficulty swallowing. Common similarities may include meeting new people, being the center of attention, and nervousness. People with SAD often require treatment while socially awkward people don’t.

It isn’t Introversion which is being an introvert and enjoying your solitude. Introverts regain energy…

This post isn’t about how to overcome social awkwardness instead it is about a common struggle. When it comes to social awkwardness, many ideologies come to mind because I think it’s about how you represent yourself and what you bring to the table in a social situation.

Researcher Josua Clegg says it “is the feeling we experience when we believe that our desire for being accepted by others is threatened in a given situation.” Everyone says, “be yourself,” but that’s easier said than done.

Ever get that feeling that the other person is looking for something more in you? Like…

Celebrating New Year’s at home doesn’t have to be boring. I know this year has been a drag but we can still close it out by creating some fun memories.

Here are 12 things you can do at home to bring in the new year:

  1. Make your resolutions. Create a list of things you would like to do for the coming year.
  2. Reflect on the joys of last year, no matter how big or small. Journals are really good for this one.
  3. Call and wish a loved one a happy new year.

I started to lose hope after facing a lot of rejection.

My first year after college was tough because I thought I was going to have an outpour of opportunities. I started to lose hope after facing a lot of rejection. But I kept pushing until I started to see results. However, this is a guide I wish I had during my first year after college as an undergrad.

Here’s are five things you can do to have a successful first year after college:

  1. Have a job lined up before graduation.
  2. Take a vacation.
  3. Get a paid internship.
  4. Go to…

Psychological Androgyny in the Workplace.

There are three gender roles which are masculinity, femininity, and psychological androgyny.

Psychological androgyny is a person’s ability to possess both masculine and feminine traits such as ‘aggressive and nurturant’, ‘dominant and submissive’. It is thought to be the most desirable gender role when it comes to the modern workplace because psychologically androgynous people “have high emotional intelligence, and they’re especially effective at adjusting their behaviour to address the demands of a particular situation,” (Collaborative Journeys).

The workplace is a male-dominated environment and often leaves little to no room for the female role, even though…

As we close out 2020 and wait for a vaccine, covid-19 is still underway. This summer was very tough for many of us because we still had to follow CDC guidelines such as remaining indoors, wearing masks, and washing our hands.

I remember walking down an empty street on a Saturday and thinking how weird it was not to see a flood of people out and about. There were no concerts, festivals, parties, basically, anything that required social gatherings aside from the Black Lives Matter movement.

Even as we end a strange year to date, there is still room for…

Uncover the Badass Within You

First, what is grit? Is it a software program or the latest social media trend? No, it’s much more than any of that. It is one of many most powerful emotional and mental tools that you’ll ever need in your arsenal. Grit is the ability to stay focused and passionate about accomplishing your goals.

In other words, talent has zero credibility towards success, and that’s why most naturally gifted people have a hard time excelling at their craft. A vain level of self-satisfaction can spark, much like, a musician who calls himself ‘the best’ yet he has no measurable proof.

Androgyny is the ‘new kid’ in town.

Let me clarify, androgyny isn’t acting gay or being gay, it’s a personality type that is best expressed through appearance and characteristics. A person can be straight, gay, bisexual, etc, and be androgynous.

Androgynous people spark change because they already exhibit the willingness to blur social norms and gender roles. Our world is vastly changing and androgyny has become more prominent, especially in popular culture.

Some people confuse androgyny with men becoming more feminine and women more masculine, but there’s a shift in consciousness and awareness happening. Androgyny creates another path for gender and sexuality to be fluid and provocative so much so that it has re-established itself in the LGBTQA+ community.

Overall, androgynous people are emerging again as game changers and the world is taking notice.


I enjoy sharing my perspective on topics that directly affect or influence me.

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